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The Wearable Candle

Our luxurious coconut wax candles are a solid perfume when cool and a body butter when warm.

Something to Talk About

O’ahu smells like home. I love it! I love them all. R&B Kinda Love is perfect for setting “the mood”. Dime truly is luxurious. Black Chai is the perfect spicy scent.

Michelle, Florida

O’ahu smells just like the Sheraton Waikiki!

Lindsey, Seattle

Jen Luana wearable candles are like no other candle I have ever experienced. The aroma is intoxicating and the scent lingers in the room long after I extinguish the flames. I love how the candle burns at such a low temperature, so you can actually dip your fingers into the liquid wax and massage the moisturizing coconut into your skin. AMAZING! I can’t wait to try another scent!

Meredith, Boca Raton FL

Jen Luana wearable candles are the MOST luxurious candles I have ever owned!

I have placed multiple orders because I am obsessed with her wearable candles! They burn cleanly, smell INCREDIBLE, and I just love the crystals you are left with!

I am a forever fan of these!

Ashley, West Hills California

Aside from the sophisticated scent that fills the room, I absolutely love that I can use the coconut wax as a moisturizer. I’ve actually become addicted to using it on my hands and cuticles!

P. Ozbay, Florida

Love, love, love the candles, but all the pretty packaging details put it over the top and also makes it a more special gift. It’s become my favorite item to unbox!

Jen Luana candles are one of a kind. The scent is light yet noticeable. The candle is aesthetically beautiful and burns nicely. The pourable option allows me to explore the candle on a different level. The wax is soft, lightly fragrant and non irritating to the skin. Bonus is that it’s non toxic and I feel safe burning these in my home. These candles are a must have. I have so many favorites. ❤️

Sherry, L.A. California

I was burning my Oahu candle for a few hours and was about to blow it out... knocked the holder and the wax went all over our coffee table. Instincts kicked in and I just wiped it away with my hand and rubbed into my legs! You’re right! It’s the most amazing moisturizer ever! My legs feel like a babies bum!! I had never even thought about doing that but it’s quite incredible! Coffee table looks happy too!

Susan, Palm Springs CA