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The Wearable Candle

Yes our candles are wearable! What does that mean? Our vegan, non-toxic, paraffin free candles can be used as a body butter or massage oil when warm or as a solid perfume when cool. 

Coconut wax melts at a low temperature making it comfortable to use on your skin.

To moisturize cuticles simply rub your fingers on the wax (candle unlit) and massage on finger tips.

If you want to use wax for massage or on larger body area, light the candle to melt the wax. Blow out flames and pour the wax. Make sure the glass is not hot before pouring and handle glass with care. 

*Always do a small test patch when using a new product on your skin. Do not pour a burning candle or touch wax while wicks are lit. Intended for adult use only. Make sure glass is not hot before pouring and use caution when handling glass. 


80% Coconut Wax/Oil and a blend of vegetable oils

Fragrance Blend

For more Ingredient details see here